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Who We Are

"In His hand is the life of every creature and the breath of all mankind. -Job 12:10

We are a group of Christian volunteers with a mission is to
"Rescue the Horse, Mentor the Child,
and Heal the Hearts of Both."

We bring horses in need together with families in need. We love God, and we love those in and around the Farm.
Every square foot of the Farm is dedicated to those two things, loving God and loving others, period.

The Farm does not charge for any of its services. We are funded entirely by donations, and powered solely by the love of God. 


How We Got Here.  After witnessing how ordinary horses could reach into the lives of children and their families in extraordinary ways, James and Aly Pflugfelder co-founded Grace Falls Farm in August of 2011. For the next five years the Farm served children and horses on 1.25 acres in Apache Junction, Arizona, with the backdrop of the famous Superstition Mountains in their front yard.

In 2016 the Farm moved operations to Greeley, Colorado, and today the horses enjoy 8 acres of pastures with a western view of another famous landmark, the Rocky Mountain Front Range.