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What We Do

"In His hand is the life of every creature and the breath of all mankind.  -Job 12:10

Grace Falls Farm exists because scripture calls us to love God and to love those around us.  For the Farm "around us" includes horses in need and children in need.  Children who have faced loss, encountered divorce, experienced social pressures, endured physical or mental hardships, or are going through anything difficult are paired a horse who has faced challenges of their own. Together, as "one horse, one mentor, and one child" we do life together, sharing triumphs and tears.  Nobody deserves to face this life alone and, with the work at Grace Falls Farm, fewer people have to.

Rescue the Horse

Grace Falls Farm's first element of its mission statement is to rescue the horse.  Most of the Farm's horses were, in one way or another, rescued from a past that no longer defines them.  Horses at the Farm are guaranteed adequate feed and water, protective shelter, plenty of room to roam, required veterinary care, and lots of love.  Some rescues become permanent residents, while others are rehomed when the timing is right.  All of this hard work is powered by volunteers and funded by amazing donors just like you!



From the very beginning, Grace Falls Farm has rescued horses from dire conditions including starvation, physical abuse, unsafe or unsanitary conditions, and severe health issues.  In most cases, the Farm will obtain full legal ownership of the horse, making it a "GFF Horse".  However at times the Farm may simply partner alongside a horse's owner to help during a temporary crisis, ultimately helping both the horse and its owner for a period of time.



Horses rescued by the Farm and assessed by professional veterinarians, and a treatment plan is formulated.  From there the horses are cared for and loved on, with an effort to restore both health and trust.  Through good physical care and constant, positive reinforcement, a GFF horse can regain its health, and build a relationship with the other heartbeats at the Farm, both horse and human alike.



Some of the rescues stay at the Farm indefinitely, to live out the rest of their years.  If the horses are considered to be safe around the children and the families that visit the Farm, and they can play a role in the healing of a child, the Farm becomes their forever home.  Some horses may never rehabilitate to the point of being ridable, but that's ok.  Under saddle or just being brushed, a GFF horse can pour into the life of a child, and both can benefit from it.



Some rescues ultimately move to forever homes that are not at the Farm, where they can live to their very best potential.  However, once a GFF horse, always a GFF horse.  While adopters receive "guardianship" of the horse, providing nurture and care, the Farm legally retains ownership of the horse for the sake of ensuring its safety wherever it may live.  Together the adopter and the Farm team up to ensure a GFF horse is always well taken care of.

Mentor the Child

The volunteers at Grace Falls Farm strive to create a safe, Christ centered environment where children in need can come together with horses in need. Through horsemanship, games, love, and time, Grace Falls Farm helps both child and horse overcome their challenges. We are not a counseling agency, riding club, therapy provider, or a babysitting service. We believe this is a place where "Kids Matter”. No child will be turned away as long as they are willing to come and participate.


One on One On One

One Child, One Mentor, One Horse - the classic Grace Falls Farm model.  A child spends 60-75 minutes with one of our mentor volunteers, starting with basic Farm chores because, for the child, "this is their Farm!"  Afterwards the mentor and child will spend time with a horse, caring for it, playing with it, and sometimes riding.


Group Sessions

Groups of children from several families join together with several volunteers and horses in a larger setting, typically between 8 and 15 children.  The group plays games, works with horses, and sometimes even plays games on horses!  There are outdoor activites, crafts, sometimes even a meal, and a chance for the children and their familes to feel the love of our amazing volunteers, the horses, and most importantly, the God that loves us all.


Emergency Services

It's not uncommon for children to experience life in ways that none of us would wish upon them, and many times it happens when we least expect it.  The Farm is open 24x7 for children that need an "emergency visit" to just come and be.  A volunteer will pair up with the child for a one-on-one session that is open forum; it's just positive time away to process and heal, words are optional.

Heal the Hearts of Both

When children in need are brought together with horses in need in a safe, Christ centered environment, the potential for healing is only limited to the power of God... which of course is endless!  We aim to love God and love others, using words if we have to.