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It was the middle of August and Goldie, one of two mares that
arrived at the Farm in June of 2014, was pregnant and due any time
over the next few weeks.  The summer monsoons really hadn’t
unleashed there full potential.  The storms had made threatening
appearances, but none had directly impacted the Farm and the
foothills of the Superstition Mountains, at least until the evening of
August 17th.
That night a wall of storms 80 miles across boiled over the
mountaintops and poured into the valley below, bringing sheets of
rain and ominous peals of thunder that gave evidence of lightning
happening somewhere far up in the stormy towers.  The storms
trounced the area with 2 inches of rain in just 30 minutes, and
another storm dealt a similar blow in the early morning hours.
When daylight hit the Farm and James headed out to feed, a new
horse was in the barn.  We hadn’t yet come up with a name for him,
but given the weather that ushered him in, Stormy became the
newborn colt’s name.  He was healthy and happy and ready to join
the Farm.
Growing strong and full of spirit and mischief, Stormy shares the
same markings and colorings of his mother.  He is doing well, and
now a favorite for all to see when folks come to visit.