Scarlett lives up to her full name, "Threat's Scarlett Sunset".
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Boasting an impressive pedigree, Threat's Scarlett
Sunset (Scarlett) is the Alpha Mare of our barn and the
second longest standing member of our family next to
Notch.  Scarlett has competed and won successfully in
the show ring, and in her lifetime she has been
involved in drill teams and national and international
shows, performed as a lesson horse and, now, James'
favorite, a husband horse.  James and Scarlett work
together like hand and glove.  Scarlett and James are
so close, we reckon that if James had met Scarlett
before Aly, he might not have needed a wife.  It's not
really true, but they do love each other a lot, and Aly's
ok with it.  :)

Thank you to Jane in Colorado for letting us have this
wonderful mare!  She is a treasured member of our