Our Program:
Grace Falls Farm is a small farm in Greeley, Colorado
with a mission to "
Rescue the Horse, Mentor the
Child, and Heal the Hearts of Both
".  Our goal at
Grace Falls Farm is to create an environment where
at-risk children can begin the healing process through
the kindness of an equine friend.  Sir Winston
Churchill wrote it best, "The best thing for the inside of
man is the outside of a horse."

The "at-risk child" has a very broad definition. On one
end of the spectrum a child could be going through a
divorce in their family, lost a grandparent, having a
hard time fitting in at school, or contemplating whether
life is worth living or not. At the other end of the
spectrum are kids dealing with chronic challenges
such as Autism Spectrum Disorders, cerebral palsy,
and Down syndrome.

At Grace Falls Farm every life is precious, is worth
living for, and every heartbeat represented has
amazing value and potential!  Kids walk away from
our farm knowing they matter!

The volunteers at Grace Falls Farm strive to create a
safe place where children can learn about themselves
through games, horsemanship, love, time, and
appreciation, and overcome their challenges through
the love of the horses and people around them.  We
are not a counseling agency, riding club, therapy
provider, or a babysitting service.  We believe this is a
place where "Kids Matter”.  No child will be turned
away as long as they are willing to come and
Sessions are currently held on an appointment basis
and typically involve a time with both horses and
volunteers at the Farm.  Please
contact us if you
would like to discuss visiting the Farm.

The Cost.  There is absolutely no charge to attend a
session. The costs are entirely funded by public
donations.  For information on how you can donate,
click on
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