The oldest and longest standing member of our family,
Notch is named for the crook in his right ear, which he
got when he had a run-in with coyotes when
he was a young colt.

Notch is also known as "Uncle Notch", as he is the
barn's primary babysitter and manners-trainer for all the
young ones (horses that is).  From four months to three
years, little ones are put in the arena with Notch to
learn how to behave.  Notch easily tolerates the
spunkiness, sometimes getting a little playful himself,
but does not hesitate to put bad behavior in its place.

Not afraid of coyotes anymore, Notch is James' ol'
buddy and still gives rides to our daughter and other
young riders.  Notch's favorite drink is also James',
Coca-Cola!  He'll suck down a whole can if
you let him.  He also doesn't mind a warm cup of coffee
on a cold morning if you're not guarding your java...
Uncle Notch watching
over the kids...
Otherwise known as Grace Falls Snow, Notch can just about
cover the stall floor when he's brushed out in the Spring.  
This is one of about
five brushings like this that he'll get in
April and May.
Notch - All American Buddy
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