Left the Barn...
Any horse that is born at the Farm or is rescued is considered part of Grace Falls Farm's
family.  While some of them are no longer at the Farm, we still consider them part of the
extended herd.  Here are some of them!!!

From Jane in Colorado.
Currently on the West side of
Phoenix, Az.

Currently with Kendra and Steve in
Queen Creek, AZ
Quarter Horse - Red Roan Colt
Born at Grace Falls Farm on
July 2, 2011 7:51PM
Currently at Reigning Grace Ranch
in Rio Verde, AZ

Grace Falls' very first horse!
Currently near Coolidge, AZ
Not Pictured (yet)...
Maggie, Lakota, Bonnie,
Keturah, Solomon, , Charlie
(came from tx 3 days old,
Keturah's), Halo, Bliss,
Hannah, Callie (Heber area),
Sara (went w/ Libby), Ginger,

Tennessee Walker
Golden Palomino Gelding
Height:  16.3 hands
Born:  Back in the 90's
Laid to Rest: 7/17/2012
A Great Friend Loved By All

"Leah's Grand Finale"
Born right on the Farm!
Now resides in Missouri.
We miss you Finny!
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Black Quarter Horse
Height:  15.0 Hands
Born:  A Long Time Ago
Laid to Rest:  7/17/2015
A Great Ol' Buddy Who's Nicker Will
Always Echo Through the Barn
Tennessee Walker
Adopted on 3/5/2016 to Jane
in Scottsdale!!!
Tennessee Walker - Bay Mare
Born:  July 8, 1989 - Height: 16.3 hands
Laid to rest:  10/23/2016 with a Coke for the trail.
More children had their first horse ride on Scarlett
than any other horse at the Farm.  She will never be
forgotten, and was an amazing blessing to all of us!
Quarter Horse - Gray Gelding
Height:  15.1 hands
Born:  A Long Time Ago!
Laid to rest:  8/13/2016 with a Coke and James' hat for
the trail  The longest standing horse at the Farm at the
time, Notch's gentle spirit and deep nicker will never be
forgotten by anyone who was blessed to know him.
Tennessee Walker
Champagne Palomino
Born: 08.18.2014
Adopted on 3/25/2017 to Michala in Sedalia,
CO, and they are a GREAT TEAM!