Looking to volunteer?  We may have an opportunity for you!  Thank you for
wanting to join up with Grace Falls Farm!   Opportunities exist wherever there is
a gift and a need!  If you are interested in volunteering, please contact us at
Grace Falls Farm is a 501(c)(3) public charity.
Your donations are tax deductible!
Tax ID Number:  45-3106174
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How to Donate or Volunteer
Come Tour the Barn and All the Heartbeats Inside
Meet Stormy, born August 18th, 2014.  From the day he was
born, both he and his mother have survived and thrived
because of the loving care of amazing volunteers and
donations from wonderful folks who care about both people
and horses alike.

Horses like Stormy.  People like You.

Grace Falls Farm Rescues Horses and Mentors Children at
no cost to those who receive services.  Every dollar is
donated and the Farm needs the support of people like
you.  Thank you for your support as we Rescue the Horse,
Mentor the Child, and Heal the Hearts of Both.
Grace Falls Farm is a federally approved 501(c)3 Public Charity, which means
your donations are tax deductible!

Grace Falls Farm can benefit from financial help from anyone who feels led to
give.  The farm consumes nearly 5,000 pounds of hay and alfalfa
every month,
and hay prices continue to climb like never before.  Supplies for the children,
the horses, maintenance costs, and veterinary expenses all add up to an
opportunity for folks who feel called to contribute to come alongside the farm
and help both the children and the horses.

How Do I Give?
Checks can be made out to:  Grace Falls Farm, 21878 County Road 62, Greeley,
Colorado, 80631.

OR click on our Donate links at the top and bottom of this page!
Beyond all measure, prayer is by
far the most powerful thing you can
do for Grace Falls Farm, and it
doesn't dent the wallet at all.  If you
would like to be a part of Grace
Falls Farms' prayer team and news
updates, please subscribe to our