Honey's Locksmith Services
Click Play to Witness Honey's 10 Second Guarantee!!!
Standing at 16.3 hands, Honey comes to us from Colorado,
from the same place that Scarlett came from.  Rock solid
on the trails and the arena, Honey is about as perfect as
perfect gets, but don't be fooled.  Honey has a couple  
habits that add color to her golden personality.

First, Honey is our resident locksmith.  Unless the gates
are latched
and chained, locked, or well tied down, she
just might follow you out the gate.  If Honey's gate is
secure, better check the neighboring stalls as well.  If she
can't get out, she'll offer Get Out of Jail Free cards to
anyone else's latches that she can reach.  Don't believe
us, check out the video for Honey's Locksmith Services

Second, Honey loves to bang the gates with her hoof,
especially when there's food to be had and she hasn't been
fed yet.  She can make quite the racket just before feedin'

In all seriousness, Honey lives up to her name as one
sweet girl that most everyone finds hard not to love!
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