Born on Mother's Day, May of 2008, Gabriel has been the joy of our
barn ever since.  With sire Royal Ivory deceased, Gabriel carries the
blood line to the next generation.
Already  tall from the day he was born, Gabriel should have no
problems hitting 17 hands in height.

Gabriel (or Gabe or Baby Gabe as we like to call him) has a
personality that is so sweet, it's hard to say no to him.  His
gentleness and desire to be loved are unparalleled in our barn.

In February of 2010, Gabriel severely injured his left front foot,
puncturing a joint fluid sack.  The required treatment would cost
thousands of dollars.  After much prayers we decided that he must be
saved, and with the expert help of our veterinarians,
and the prayers
and support
of our farm friends and family, Gabriel is well on his way
along the slow road to recovery.  Gabriel has loved, and is loved by,
all of you!!!

For more information on
"Saving Gabe", click here!
Gracie's first foal,
Untouchable.  Born in
Kalamazoo, MI at Wright's
Tennessee Walkers.
Gracie's second foal,
Inheritance (Gabriel),
Born at Grace Falls
Farm on Mother's Day,
Gabe at 2 1/2.  Getting
bigger and better every day.
Gabriel loves
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