Chip's first bath after being
rescued.  He was so patient!
Meet Chip, a seven year old mini horse who stands barely
27 inches tall.  
Scarlett is 67 inches tall in comparison!!

Chip was rescued as part of an operation in Santa Cruz
county, where dozens of minis were not being adequately
cared for. Chip was briefly held at a sister farm and arrived
at Grace Falls Farm in June of 2012. It took FIVE people to
catch him!!!

When Chip arrived, the vet noticed a distorted facial
structure around Chip's nose, and determined he had
suffered from some type of facial trauma in his past,
possibly abuse or a severe kick. Seeing how skittish Chip
was around people, abuse seemed to fit.  Chip always kept
a good distance between himself and the nearest human.

However, of the course of a year full of gentle handling and
LOTS of time being around the children, Chip has traded
his fears for friendship, and readily comes up to a gentle
hand.  Because of your help, Chip is able to have a safe
place to stay and friendly hearts all around him.

If you would like to visit the smallest member of Grace Falls
Farm, or even help take care of him, let us know!  P.S.  
When you come to visit Chip, just remember to look down
so you don't miss him!
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