Breeze, or Easy Breezy, has a name that fits his spirit.  
He is a gentle giant of a quarter horse that is great with
kids and loves to be with his herd.  Unhappy with being
alone, Breeze has a strong need to be with other
horses, and loves the company of a human.  Especially,
of course, if there's food involved.
Although Breeze isn't a Tennessee Walker like so many
of the other horses at the Farm, it's hard to tell by his
smooth walk and cushioned trot.

Whichever way the wind blows, there's always a gentle
Breeze at Grace Falls Farm, and we have Breeze to
thank for it!
Honey (left) spends a quiet moment with Breeze in the
arena. Breeze absolutely loves being with his herd-mates.
What a ham!  Breeze "smiles" for the camera!
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