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Come Tour the Barn and All the Heartbeats Inside
Just like that, Grace Falls Farm
closes another season of memories
and miracles.  Our 2014-2015
season has closed, and the horses
and volunteers rest until the Fall
when we start again.  Thank you to
our donors and volunteers for
making this season a reality.

Of course, the rescue continues,
and it never really ends.  It's a 24x7
operation that needs you.  Thank
you for your continued support!
Want to experience some of this season's memoies?
See our End of Season Video!
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It Starts Every Morning, And It Never Really Ends...
Grace Falls Farm's
mission is to
the Horse, Mentor the
Child, and Heal the
Hearts of Both

Want to see the
mission in action?  
Watch this video to see
what happens around
the clock at Grace
Falls Farm.